Britannia House language centre represents the educational agency Information Planet.


Information Planet is one of the largest educational agencies in the world, present in 13 countries and responsible for the mobilisation of more than 5.000 students annually.

It represents hundreds of foreign educational institutions in Great Britain, Denmark, USA, Canada, Australia, among other countries and also very specific programmes such as Medicine Abroad, Work Experience/Internships, Work and Travel and Summer Courses. 

Their educational consultants are highly experienced and certified. They are updated daily on the best educational options abroad. Information Planet deals with the entire process for studying abroad and their services include:

  • Advice in choosing the appropriate course or programme
  • Advice  in the choice of University and city
  • Guidance and collection of all necessary documentation
  • Document review, translation and certification
  • Processing and follow-up of applications for the courses and universities chosen
  • Applying for tuition funding and renewal support (UK)
  • Orientation and finding of accommodation
  • Discount travel agency for our students
  • Visa
  • Support offices in Canada and Australia
  • Continuous information on the best study programme in other countries compatible with the students’ profile.
Contact us or Information Planet directly and schedule a skype or face-to-face meeting. For more information please consult

Information Planet will soon be at our school for an information session on studying abroad. Do not miss out on this unique opportunity.